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NM3237 Health Communication

This seminar is designed to introduce students to a wide range of scholarship in health communication. The seminar will address such issues as doctor-patient interactions, illness narratives, cultural understanding of health, social support, and health campaigns, mass media theories, technologically-mediated health delivery, and socially constructed health meanings to offer an insight into developing more meaningful communicative practices of healthcare. With an emphasis on application, the course equips students with a foundational understanding of the ways in which health communication projects can be conceptualized and delivered.

NM3236 Ethics in Communication Management

This module introduces students to essential tools for ethical decision-making in communication management through a survey of theory, research, and practice in this area. The seminar addresses psychological theories of moral development, ethical theories in public relations, models of ethical reasoning, professionalism, codes of ethics, ethical strategic management, corporate social responsibility, and the fundamental aspect of ethically managing relationships with stakeholders. It aims to help students recognize and resolve moral issues, develop critical thinking and analytical skills, appreciate the complexities of ethical issues confronting communication management practitioners today, and equip themselves with foundational understanding and awareness of the importance of ethics.

NM3235 Corporate Social Responsibility: Research and Practice

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a particularly important issue for organizations. Most importantly, public relations and communication professionals are often tasked with leading CSR efforts in organizations and are increasingly expected to develop CSR-related skills. This module examines key issues and debates in CSR in both international and Asian contexts and focuses on the communicative aspects of CSR. Students enrolled in this course will discuss classic and cutting-edge research in CSR and will be able to critically assess CSR issues, practices and communication specific to an organization and craft a strategic plan for CSR.

NM3234 Leadership, Organisations and New Media

The module explores the role of communication and new media in effective leadership and organizational strategies. The course introduces students to the communication involved when leaders attempt to influence members to achieve a goal. The module looks at topics including power, credibility, motivation, research on leader traits, styles, and situations within the context of organisations. The module also examines current models of leadership within the frame of new media. The different leadership challenges posed by different groups and organizational types will also be explored.

NM3233 Strategic Communication: Applications

This module introduces students to the principles of strategic communication management with an emphasis on the application of social research to strategic decision making to meet organizational goals and objectives. Built on the theoretical foundation of strategic communications and applied social research, students will learn to evaluate, analyze and monitor research programs, and to design solutions in public, non-profit and for-profit organizations. Emphasis is placed on learning and conducting assessments of organizational need, performing situational analysis, analyzing message design, evaluating media choice, exploring traditional and emerging media tools, and planning effective communication strategies for the respective organizations.